Australian Province Selects US eDirect to Deliver Recreation Software to Improve Visitor Experience

Nov 30, 2021 | Blog, News, Press Releases

US eDirect will deliver its One-Stop Shop Platform for Recreation and Campground Management in 2022

NEW YORK CITY — One of Australia’s most visited park systems has selected a leading global software platform for its reservation and point-of-sale solution designed to enhance visitor experience and improve facility management across its sites.

US eDirect, a global leader in campground management software with more than 22 years of experience serving publicly run facilities, is delivering its signature offering, Recreation Dynamics, to serve the millions of visitors to the Northern Territory’s Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security (DEPWS) campground system.

“We are honored to be selected and look forward to the opportunity to serve the Northern Territory as its recreation management software provider,” said Tony Alex, CEO and President, US eDirect.

“Our extensive background in providing similar services in other parts of Australia and to the New Zealand Department of Conservation position us to innovate with the Northern Territories to best serve their visitors.”

US eDirect will deliver commercial off-the-shelf, integrated business systems to manage online bookings and permits as well as associated hosting, maintenance and support services.
Recreation Dynamics was selected thanks to its intuitive user experience for visitors and staff, as well as its proven success with international outdoors recreation agencies..

Deployed on the secure Amazon Web Service cloud platform, Recreation Dynamics is distinguished by its flexibility, wide range of features and rapid transaction speed.

Recreations Dynamics is slated to be introduced in March of 2022. Visitor focused features will include: 

  • Streamline bookings to ensure greater certainty for campers and multi-day trail walkers
  • Ability to view open and closed parks and available dates for greater planning options
  • Prepaid fees will eliminate the need to carry exact currency

“This new booking system will make getting outdoors simpler for our visitors and will help attract new ones as well,” said a DEPWS representative. 

“We’re excited to deploy this enhanced experience and innovate alongside the US eDirect team to best serve our clients.”

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In addition, Recreation Dynamics includes several features to increase staff efficiencies, including:

  • Simplified data analysis for all sales
  • Increased data on visitor metrics including numbers, satisfaction and profile
  • Information on where visitors are on the estate to ensure safety 

US eDirect will now work closely with the Department of Corporate and Digital Development and DEPWS to tailor Recreation Dynamics to meet the needs of Northern Territory visitors. 

“Recreation Dynamics will deliver a seamless booking experience for visitors to all of the Northern Territories sites,” said Alex.

Besides the speed of customer transactions, intuitive user interface and flexibility of applications, goverment-run agencies select Recreation Dynamics thanks to our more than 20 years of serving state agencies.

US eDirect understands innately the reporting requirements, the financial reconciliation and the tax implications of serving taxpayer funded agencies who are in the unique position of having to create revenue to fund essential operations while not positioning themselves as overly commercialized or as fierce competitors to private run campgrounds or recreation facilities.

When customers expressed the need to better communicate with their visitors, US eDirect built and deployed an internal customer relationship management system that allows managers to develop highly segmented audiences to communicate highly specified information.

It is not uncommon to see 85 percent email open rates in the Notification Dynamics tool when campgrounds send eight highly targeted emails each day to visitors ready to check in to a unique cabin rental. Or to see 65 percent open rates when a park sends a one-time alert about construction may impact their stay or a large event.

When coupled with the company’s ability to create branded emails that stand out in congested inboxes and embed them with links, images and graphics, Notification Dynamics and the team behind help parks transform the way they communicate with their sophisticated audiences.

US eDirect also innovated their customers when it developed offline mode capability that helps state agencies manage operations in areas with limited connectivity.

The fact is guests and campground managers visit and support highly remote areas that are coveted destinations thanks to their distance from civilization. But these same people rely upon digital transactions and processes to power their experience.

The US eDirect “offline mode” experience delivers the ability to stay quasi connected to business critical systems no matter the connectivity.

As an industry leader, US eDirect collaborates with other leaders to deliver improved user experiences. In 2021, that included embedded enhanced mapping capabilities by leveraging Esri technology to replace two-dimensional conventional campground maps.

Both Ohio and Florida State Parks Systems have delivered a smarter mapping experience that allows visitors to better understand their desired campsite by seeing layers of information including proximity to trails, water features and amenities.

“Our commitment to innovation focused on delivering more flexibility for public run campground managers and more convenience and flexibility for the camping public is part of our organization’s DNA,” Alex said. “We are constantly listening, learning and thinking about how we can improve our products and services so people spend more time outdoors and less time managing their digital affairs that make it seamless.”


About US eDirect

US eDirect is a global leader in campground management software that helps dozens of public agencies deliver digital solutions to their visitors and campers via a suite of intuitive software solutions.
Founded in 1999 and based in New York state, US eDirect employs more than 100 people focused on providing exemplary customer service for public agencies that manage more than 100,000 individual campsites in North America and Australia.


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