Do you handle high volume front counter payment processes for licences, permits, utilities and more?
US eDirect has the technology solutions that enable you to create a step-change in your service delivery.

POS Dynamics is an enterprise-class cashiering system designed to handle entire payment processes and much more for government agencies - taxes, vital records bureaus, DMV, public records, utilities, license and permits - any agency requiring centralized payment collection and real-time integration to agency back-end systems.

Single interface and Integrated financial

Customers can conduct all their business in a single transaction - pay for house rates, utility bill payments, taxes and register for a driver’s license or vehicle registration - all in the one transaction.

Omni-channel customer experience

Front counter congestion is reduced through the online bill payment option which more and more customers are increasingly using.

Complete cashiering management system

All daily cashiering needs, collection and dispersal of funds, for agencies are amalgamated into one system streamlining agency processes, eliminating record duplication and reducing customer wait time.

Increase staff productivity and improve operational efficiency. POS Dynamics offers seamless integration across all sites and agency systems to provide a 'one system' approach for all your customer services in the one place.


Quick Buttons give access in a single click to most popuar items

Scan and attach documents to a transaction

Detailed reporting capabilities

Centrally manage complex fees and tax rules

Simple and user-friendly interface

Assign item documents and detailed descriptions

Why POS Dynamics?

Configuration control in your hands

We put configuration control directly into your hands through our 'Admin' module - through extensive configuration options, POS Dynamics can be personalized to the specific requirements of the agency, including site-specific settings. POS Dynamics is delivered out of the box and is highly configurable making it efficient to implement agency requirements.

Highly scalable & high performing

Our load balancing, scalable architecture and monitoring services provide you with the capability to handle your peak volume periods - scaling to meet your demand while maintaining high processing speeds and response times. Rush periods at your front counter will be streamlined with fast processing for staff and reduced wait times for customers.

Enterprise solution

POS Dynamics provides an enterprise-wide solution so regardless of the number of sites you will have streamlined management and a unified view of your entire enterprise operations through our business intelligence tool that reports across the entire database.

Multiple transactions, one shopping cart

A single shopping cart easily processes multiple transactions and accepts multiple forms of payment easy for your staff and easy for your customers. POS Dynamics provides efficient access to records index and verify official records, maintain a history of records, update documents and rescan and replace old images, for example money orders.

Integration to real time checks

Real time checks will enhance your customer experience and overall service delivery. Automated real time checks of data provided by customers and any additional information reduces the cost of inaccurate data and improves conversion rates through optimization of payment methods for customers

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