Are you in the business of delivering exceptional park visitor services?

US eDirect has the technology solutions to enable a step-change to your
service delivery.

Recreation Dynamics is an easy to use and comprehensive technology solution that provides for all park visitor services.

Low maintenance system architecture

Safe, secure and providing unparalleled responsiveness and scalability on demand.

Highly configurable

You can make changes and updates in real time without the delay and cost of waiting for the vendor to make the change.

Business Intelligence Built-In

Superior data analytics reporting in real time that will position you to make informed decisions when you need to.

About Recreation Dynamics

Easy on-line and reservation module with interactive maps/calendars and vacation planning/package deal capabilities.
Central management of activities, tours, programs and other registrations across enterprise locations including attendance tracking.
Manages the sale, fulfillment and high-volume validation of passes and permits.
Manage scheduling and reservations of dayuse facilities, shelters, and other park facilities with comprehensive work flow and reporting.
Online and on-premise sales and visitation tracking for tours, events, holiday activities and other attractions.
Send targeted and scheduled multi-media messages to customers through SMS, email and voice messaging.
Easy to navigate, responsive scalable website provides streamlined bookings, detailed site and program information and other agency needs such as interactive maps.
PCI-compliant payments for streamlined on-premise and online transactions.
Intuitive and user-friendly Point of Sale retail system built for fast transaction processing and robust inventory management.
Seamless integration of your data with your financial system
Your connection to actionable information from every module. Simplified data access and analysis of the details of every transaction from every customer activity. In-depth, data-driven understanding of your customers and the quality of their experience. A unified view of the impact on revenue of every facility, activity, program and event. Key Performance indicator reporting – track the success of new events and experiences with intuitive KPI reporting and dashboards.

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Why Recreation Dynamics?

Full features & functionality

The most comprehensive set of features and functionality for end-to-end service delivery including a fully integrated POS and retail management solution, improving efficiencies and managing your most valuable resource time.

Business Intelligence built-in

Superior data analytics and presentation means improved insights into your customers and their preferences informing your plans to grow your business and better meet their needs.

Configuration control in your hands

We put configuration control directly into your hands through our 'Admin' module - changes to inventory, prices etc can be made in real time by you with no time wasted waiting for the vendor.

Exceptional customer experience

Customers want to transact with you in different ways and our responsive design caters for that access to search, reserve and pay on any device that operates a browser. With a user-friendly interface, map or matrix display and search and filters make it easy for your customers to find what they want.

Highly scalable & high performing

Our load balancing, scalable architecture and monitoring services provide you with the capability to handle your peak volume periods - scaling to meet your demand while maintaining high processing speeds and response times.

Enterprise solution

Recreation Dynamics provides an enterprise-wide solution – streamlined administration and a unified view of your entire business through our Business Intelligence tool, regardless of the number of facilities or locations.

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